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How Safe is the Network at the Office?

Few business operations can function without some sort of computer network. At the very least, the business owner will utilize computers to keep track of orders to vendors, post receipts, and prepare tax documents. Even when computers are used sparingly within the business model, it makes sense to ensure that all of that proprietary information is kept safe. That is why it matters to pay close attention to the level of computer security used to protect the network.

Software Programs

There are all sorts of software programs on the market today that are designed to protect business networks from being infected or hacked. The trick is to identify which ones would provide protection at different levels. For example, some software comes with a firewall that is housed on the server and helps to prevent any direct attack from hackers. Other software is placed on each computer connected to the network, and helps to filter any threats that may be picked up while visiting a website or opening an email attachment.

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When evaluating a software program designed to protect the network, make sure that is does come with regular updates. New threats are constantly released, making it possible to pick up an infection that is not yet recognized by the program. The best case scenario is to utilize software that will automatically check for updates at least daily. This helps to keep the system as up to date as possible and decreases the possibility of a hard drive or a server becoming infected.

More Than One Program?

It is not unusual for professionals to recommend the use of more than one program. This is because some are designed to identify and isolate certain types of threats but not others. Along with anti-virus software, it never hurts to have software on hand that is specifically geared toward identifying tracking software that sends information back to a source or that records or even hijacks browsers.

Remember that while protecting business networks is serious, it does not have to be complicated. The right precautions will be safe and easy. Talk with a professional today about what sort of programs would provide adequate protection. Once they are in place, it will be much easier to relax and focus on growing the business.

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